Fresh finger size roll-ups.

  Turkey Dinner, Chicken Salad, Turkey Club, Roast Beef
  Other combinations available, includes all fresh vegetables

  24 Pieces - $38.99, 36 Pieces - $52.99

  Also available in hors d'oeuvre size:
  48 Pieces - $38.99, 72 Pieces - $52.99

  Deli platters all prepared with fresh ingredients.

  Meat choices include Roast Beef, Turkey, Salami, Ham.
  Cheese choices include American, Provolone, Swiss.

serves 10-15serves 15-25serves 25-35
24 dinner rolls48 dinner rolls72 dinner rolls

  Finger sandwiches made fresh for your order

  Tuna Salad, Chicken Salad, Chopped Ham, Seafood
   Salad, Egg Salad

  24 fresh sandwiches - $29.99

Hot Meatballs

70 hot meatballs served in sauce for 20 people - $19.99
140 hot meatballs served in sauce for 40 people - $33.99


Potato salad, macaroni salad, and garden salad are available upon request.